Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In the Yard - 5/25/11

columbine is going crazy

first peonies!

a new "brilliant pink iceberg" rose

dianthus "indian carpet" and salvia "may night"

sea thrift


some sorta sad woodland phlox. wow this pic looks jungley.

close up of the pink iceberg. they smell delicious!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a bee on a stroll

Yesterday I encountered the strangest thing... a fluffy yellow bumblebee, walking its way through my garden. It was very deliberately hitting up each little tuft of creeping thyme currently inhabiting the path. I'm not sure if she was unable to fly, or if she just felt like taking the scenic route, but I'm choosing to believe it was the latter.

Here's the bee in question, on the 'road'...

...taking in some flower juice...

...and back on the move.

In the Yard - 5/4/11

All the perennials are coming along, but not too many blooms to be seen, except for these Hellebores that have been in bloom for at least a month now, I think...

...and the various tulips that are scattered around...

...and the window boxes that were just planted this weekend. Can't wait to see how this mish-mash of flowers grows up!