Friday, January 7, 2011

Simple Echino pillows

I took my first shot at making a couple of pillows this weekend, and made what amounts to about the simplest covers for a throw pillow that I could conjure. They ended up being slightly too big, but if they ever end up getting washed, that might be taken care of a little bit.

This was also my first excuse to use some Etsuko Furuya by Echino fabric, which I am always admiring from afar. My soon-to-be-a-teen niece is redoing her room and hopefully these will be an accent, or at least an inspiration. They are backed with Echino solids in purple and blue, respectively, as you can kind of see in the second picture here.

For the record, the prints I used here are the Wild Forest (or Woodland Friends, depending on which of these quilting shops has the "official" name -- who knows?) in Natural & Pink from Fall 2010, and what I think is called Quiet Ground from the Fall 2009 line. My local fabric store, Fabric Corner in Arlington, MA, had a TON of Etsuko Furuya fabric in stock so I just bought what I liked, and am not positive of the actual names.

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