Monday, March 14, 2011

New veggie bed in the works

This weekend we double-dug our new veggie bed and started marking off where our path will be. Next we're going to surround it with a chicken wire fence to help ward off the varmints. As you can see, we're going for a somewhat keyhole style plan, except not round. Well, whatever the shape, before you know it, I'll be planting peas!

Please disregard the chaotic nature of my yard at the moment... stacked up yard furniture, misc canoe, cold frame placed randomly on the grass, and raised beds perched precariously above ground. What can I say, the snow just melted and all I have time for is getting ready for planting ASAP!


  1. looks like a trailer park in nc!

  2. looks great! when are you planting peas? "they" say to plant peas on st patrick's day, but i think the ground is still frozen.

  3. Hopefully I'll get some peas in the ground this weekend, but it will depend on how much time is taken up by inclement weather and fence building.