Tuesday, February 23, 2010

30 Day Shred

I work a computer job, so I am basically a slug; it feels like about half my life is spent online, and the rest is spent sleeping. Or eating. Pretty much the only excersize I get is when spring rolls around and I get to tear into my garden. In order to combat my winter inertness, last fall I got a gym membership. Now, I'm not sure how many times I've used that membership, but I'm pretty positive it would amount to less than once a month since its inception.

So, it is with much trepidation, that my husband (slightly less slug-like, but definitely not setting foot in a gym) and I have begun the "30 Day Shred." Basically, we have vowed to work out every single morning (with a MAXIMUM of one day off a week) using the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred dvd.

The dvd has 3 different 20 minute workouts, at increasing levels of difficulty. 20 minutes is pretty minor, so I figure this gives us zero excuse for being "too busy". We began last Tuesday, Feb 16, with level 1 and managed to do it every morning up 'til Sunday. (We took a mini-vaca to Sweet Local Farm, so a day of rest was in order!) Monday we resumed on schedule and this morning we decided to take the leap to level 2. HOT DAMN! I read on some review that Jillian Michaels is "a beast", and I think that constantly when I am doing the workout... but never moreso than this morning.

Anyway, so here we are on our 7th day of shred-age and I have to say that I think it's working. This morning I was actually the one that said "level 1 seems too doable now, let's do level 2!" Too bad I didn't take any "before" pics or measurements so I could properly document our journey into fitness, but I'll try to keep up with some blog updates.

So, anyone else try this 30 Day Shred? Or do you have any other workout recommendations for once the 30 days is up?


  1. Just did Day 1 onn Excersie on Demand - This morning at 5:15AM - trying to cop out of buying the DVD - How many days to repeat "Day 1"

  2. Originally, we thought we'd do each level for 10 days, but we ended up doing level 2 on the 7th day. Honestly, I could JUST do level 1 and get what I think is a decent workout, but I'm trying to push myself! Anyway, good luck and let me know how you fare!